Works fine with Barcode Only but not working when asking to get OCR and Image.


I've been experimenting and have a problem that I would like some help.

I've created a template from a TC55 box lable (TC55.jpg).

When I create just for Barcode scanning it is working fine (TC55_barcode[1].xml).

But when I use the same lable and create for: Image, OCR and Barcode, it is not working (TC55_full[1].xml).


Can anyone provide some suggestions?


Please find related files attached.

Thanks you very much in advance.


Anonymous (not verified)
Pedro,Glad to hear the


Glad to hear the Barcode only template is working fine.

Regarding the mixed mode, to resolve the issue you're facing, could you please un-check the "Use field to identify the form" check box for all the barcodes and try again ?

That field is presently required for the Barocde-only mode to output the barcodes and not in the mixed mode. We hope to resolve this confusion post the Alpha.

Also, when you load this image in the TB, are you cropping it to the white borders ? [please crop it to the white borders if possible, else if you're using the entire image [including the brown carton in the backgroud], ensure all of it is visible on the device as well. [The device software needs the 4 boundaries that was used in the TB tool to create the template].

Hope this helps.



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