Best Practices in Creating a Printing Application for Zebra Printers

After reviewing testing results of ISV Validations & White Listing the Printer ISV team identified a large number of apps failing our tests.  Many of the failures fell into a few basic categories such as verifying the proper printer formatting language (i.e. ZPL vs Line Mode) and checking the status of the printer before sending a print job.


To help developers improve the quality of their apps we have documented Best Practices in Creating a Printing Application for Zebra Printers.  We are also working to incorporate these standards into the sample code we have published.


Please give it a read and let us know your thoughts or if you think we have missed anything.


This is a good starting point.  Do we have sample applications that highlight the best practices?  Having an application with comments in areas of the code that highlight the BP would be what most developers would want to see.

Start with an Android sample as this is the bulk of where new questions are coming from.


Hector, thanks for you comments.  We have about 15 Android sample code documents that have been updated.  They are being tested now.  Expect to see them posted gradually over the next two weeks.  We will link to them once a bunch have gone live.

Glad to hear we are expanding the samples.  One thought - I would suggest that we have at least one of the samples that show each of the recommended best practices.  In the code, include full comments that describe the practice being used.   We can then use this as a reference back to the best practice doc.

Looking forward to seeing the samples.

thank you


We have published sample code that demonstrates Best Practices.  Please let us know if this meets your needs: Determining Printer’s Language and Status – Zebra Android Link-OS™ SDK – Java