Browser Print Update!

Zebra has again expanded and enhanced our Developer Tools with an enhanced release of our Browser Print Developer Tool.   


New features for this release:

  • Now supports MAC OSX!
  • Supports Safari Browser
  • Supports Networked printers
  • Convert images (BMP and JPG) to make them printable
  • We added a few more printers to our tested and compatible list


Official Announcement:

Developers can now quickly add USB or Network based printing support to their browser-based apps on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac OSX systems, when using Internet Explorer v11, Chrome or Safari. The Source Code and documentation that come with Browser Print make adding print capabilities simple and straightforward. We’ve even gone beyond printing to include features that allow Developers to add Device Management capabilities, such status checking, to their apps.


Browser Print supports Windows 7, Windows 10 with Internet Explorer v11 or Chrome v51, as  well as OSX with the Safari browser.

The following printer are supported via USB and Network connections:

 QLn series  ZT200 series  ZD500 series  ZD400 series  LP2824+  GK420  GX420


Visit  for more details and to access our free Browser Print download.

Patrick Davy

Hi Robin

I sent a support message via the main site regarding this but no idea if it will end up in the right hands.

Are you aware the form to download browserprint is broken? Tried on Edge and Chrome, looks like something is wrong with the recaptcha script.

Also I was thinking of trying it as an alternative to direct generic/text printing as the customer isn't getting a printout when they try one of my sample labels on a LP 2824-Z+ (no idea why they selected the correct USB port). They are using some third party software called LabelTrace to print labels via an activX control for an existing application.

If I was to use your solution do you see any potential issues with running this LabelTrace software along side it? Anything I set up on the client machines can not alter any of their current set up (I appreciate you may not have an answer to this)

Thanks in advance.

fabio morandini

HI Zebra,

we have GC420t connected via Network connections (print server) on parallel port.
download browser print for windows PC and then test with your example (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Zebra%20Technologies/Zebra%20Browser%20Print/ZebraBrowserPrintDocsWebCodeExamples/sample/index.html), but this is the message "No Zebra Printers could be found!". If i select  from menù File-->Print-->Select ZDesignerGC420t-->OK , the page is printed

How can i send my label?

The printer isn't in your printer supported

SO: Win 10 Pro 64 bit

Browser: Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit), FireFox mozilla 53.0b6 (64 bit), Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0

Daniel Quagliana

Patrick, we are aware of the issue with the downloads and are actively working to address it as quickly as possible. The issue is intermittent so please try again to download.

Taufik Chowi

Hi Zebra,

I have downloaded and installed Zebra Browser Print, and it works flawlessly on my USB Connected Zebra GK420t.

Now I am trying to access this printer remotely using Zebra Browser Print and change "localhost:9100" into "" the computer ip.

The following error occurred

BrowserPrint-1.0.2.min.js:102 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

XMLHttpRequest cannot load The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header contains the invalid value ''. Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access.

if I access  , the result is "Remote access not allowed"

if I access http://localhost:9100/default?type=printer , the result is it shows a Dialog Box properly

I understand that perhaps there is a security implementation from Zebra Browser Print, but I wish to override this

The plan is to allow every single locally connected device (including but not limited to mobile phone / tablet) to be able to print barcode on this Printer which is USB Connected to a computer at

Thanks a lot for your help

PS :   this is not working too, I think it is because this GK420t is connected via usb?

Darryn Campbell


Does the browser print setup have a thinner client based install that doesn't include the SDK?


Mike Pisano

Buddika Weerasinghe

Hi Robin,

Does the Browser Print software work for the printer ZM400??

Thanks in advance,


Jerry Asher

We have two Windows computers and had Browser Print installed on both, one connecting to a local USB ZD410, the other connecting over the network to the same ZD410. Everything worked fine.

THEN we had to swap the computers around.

Browser Print, on the computer that used to have the ZD410 connected remotely over the network, works just fine with the printer connected locally with USB.

But Brower Print on the computer that used to have the ZD410 connected connected locally with USB will not connect to the printer over the network.  I cannot get Browser Print to delete the local printer: information and look on the network for a different printer.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

Can you help me get Browser Print to delete the local printer information? And get it looking on the network for the shared computer?


Leandro Goulart

Hi ​ and ​!

It seems that ZT400 series are now supported. Are ZT600 series also supported via Network connection?

Daniel Quagliana

Leandro, the ZT600 has not been explicitly tested with Browser Print since it was released after the latest version of the software. As the ZT600 is a Link-OS printer we do not expect there to be any issues, but technically it is unsupported at this time because it has not gone through the same testing as the ZT400 with Browser Print.

Kent Kim

Hi Zebra.

I had a ZT230 printer with usb to usb connection which is working fine with Browser Print. But after I added another ZT230 printer, Browser Print could not detect this new one. It was not detected by Browser Print Settings app either. The new ZT230 has a parallel port(printer side) to usb port(PC side) connection and I think it's the problem. To clarify the reason I want to ask if parallel port to usb connection is not supported or multiple same model printers are not supposed to be used together.

sunggu kim

i use printer ZM400

i program web and use Brower print v1.2.0.3

but i dont print korean

just like ????

Browser print not support korean?

Mikael Hedlund

Hi Robin,

I've problem using a network attachad Zebra printer. Printing works fine using USB.
Any suggestions?

Please read my article:

I would really appreciate some help or guidence :-)

Kind regards,