Does rohElements replace PocketBrowser?

We are just getting into developing Web apps for the Motorola Mobile Computers here at work and we are still in the discovery phase. We have been advised to use PocketBrowser and/or rhoElements. However, as we delve into rhoElements it appears to open in its own browser. If that is the case why would we need PocketBrowser? Or is that what Motorola is steering away from as they make the rhoElements push?

Thank you in advance and thank goodness for rohElements!


Davide Schembari
If you are starting

If you are starting developing web-based apps for Motorola Mobile Computers, RhoElements is definitely the way to go.

The concept is the same as PocketBrowser (which applications can also run in RhoElements), but RE brings along a lot of improvements over PB, like a better web engine based on Webkit with NPAPI support and HTML5, not to mention that RE is also ported to the new Motorola ET1 tablet running Android OS apart from our devices based on WinCE and Windows Mobile.

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