Datawedge With DPX plug-in


I deployed Datawedge MyTestApp Demo app ( int MC67 terminal.
I created a datawedge profile for this app and the following happens:
- if Barcode Input is enabled, when I launch the App and press the trigger button, 2d Imager turns on (this tells me that the profile is correctly associated with this app).
- if I change the profile for Camera Scanner, when I press the trigger button, the rear camera is turned on and i can decode a barcode
- if I change the profile to disable barcode input and enable dpx input, I expected the camera to turn on (as in DPXDemo App) when I press the trigger button... but nothing happens.
What can I be doing wrong?
Thank you.

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Are you still facing any problems or are you unblocked now ?
Also, could you please share images of the document you're looking to parse - either on this thread here or in an email to me if it's sensitive ?


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On what DPX version you are testing this. What is the OS build number.
Does this mean that the DPX is not working only when you associate the application with a profile? What happen if you enable the DPX in Profile0 and press trigger on the same application. Make sure to remove the profile created by you.
What is the DataWedge version. (Open DataWedge click on Menu button and select About)
Can you export the profile and provide it.

Above information will help to find what could go wrong with it.

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1 - DPX engine version 1.1.1. OS Build Number 01-4AJ11-J-1100-0001-00-M1-040414
2 - I erased my profile, I configured Profile0 with DPX enabled and nothing happened.
3 - DataWedge version 2.0.2 - Beta
4 - Find attached

I also attached this same answer but with a few screen caps in a zipped MSWord Docx