ET1 Upgraded to JB fail to tether via a phone

I upgraded a ET1N0 from GB to JB using the and it went all good. It installed and booted as expected.

However when I try to connect via wifi to a phone using phone's wifi tethering it fail to connect.

I can connect Wifi to an access point, but not to a phone.

Is there a wifi profile limitation for the JB image ?

I had to downgrade the unit back to GB since it is required to do tethering.


Have anyone seen this happen? if so is there a solution?


I have a second ET1 with the JB version installed that I will do more testing on it but this is a show stopper on populating a JB upgrade for the device.

Javier Hernandez
Just for the record. This

Just for the record. This error is caused by the 802.11d setting

I disabled the setting and it is working now.

Settings - WiFi - Menu key - Advanced

And unchecked the 802.11d setting

I have seen this 802.11d setting with problems on other wifi devices, to this date I never seen an installation where this setting do anything better. At least in my experiences on warehouses.

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