How do I build rhomobile apps


I'm new to using Rhomobile to build a cross-platform mobile apps. However, the instructions given in the docs to build app using command line seems a bit complicated as non of thos commands work on my CMD. Do I need to install something else to run any of those commands? Please help.

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It looks like you have a space in the path to your workspace.  "RhoMobile WS" .  Not sure if this is causing your problem, but this will cause issues.

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For local building basic steps are following:
1. cd to directory were app directory will be placed
2. generate app template with command rhodes app MyApp, where MyApp is name of your app
3. cd to MyApp folder
4. build app for you target platform     android - build and run app on device with command rake run:android:device     iPhone - build app with command rake device:iphone:production. It is necessary provide additional settings in build.yml (Rhomobile | Building for iOS)