iOS 64-bit/8.1, master or sp3?


For those "playing along" with progress toward iOS 64-bit/iOS 8.1 I wonder if anyone has any advice as to which is more stable: `master` branch or `5-0-sp3-stable`?

Both currently do build a fat binary with arm7 and arm64, and can target iOS 8.1. As well, Apple simulator startup and rholog.txt following issues have been clean-up in both.

From looking at the checkins, it looks like SP3 is limited (as far as iOS goes) primarily to the 64-bit/8.1 issues and many bug fixes (such as both bug fixes for geolocation), while `master` progresses with some additional "new style" apis, including photo. Quite a bit was recently backed-out of SP3.

I'm working a new app that will be submitted to the Apple App Store, and so 64-bit is a must. No currently released Rhodes version will build 64-bit, and so I want to work from the start with a branch that will build for that environment. The deadline for submitting new apps that are 32-bit only and that target less than iOS 8.1 passed on February 1. (Deadline for updates to existing apps is June 1.)

Not complaining, BTW, I see how much hard work has been done toward the goal of iOS 64-bit/8.1 as well as bringing more of the APIs up-to date. Thanks!

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do we require a 64 bit machine to develop for iOS 64-bit?
They are two separate concerns. This affects only builds for iOS hardware (ARM architectures), not simulators. All simulator builds actually build Intel x86 code. Anyway, all Macs that can be used to build Rhodes projects have 64-bit processors. But maybe not (pure) 64-bit OS, depending on what is installed.

aside for Pietro - your white Macbook has a 64-bit processor. You're stuck on Mountain Lion because Apple choose not to support it due to not wanting to support the drivers. It may be due to graphics chipset. I think there might be some third-party solutions though!

I have a late-2008 "aluminum Macbook" (just before 13" Pro). It's also Core 2 Duo, and runs Yosemite. It's the oldest model (or one of the oldest) supported. I fear it may drop out on the next update. But it's just for the road, I use a Mac Mini - the impossible-to-get discontinued quad-core model that is faster than the entry-level Mac Pro.

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I think that to build iOS8 apps you need Mavericks or Yosemite, both are 64bit only OS.

IIRC Apple started the shift to 64bit in Lion and Mountain Lion is a 64bit only OS (this is why my white 2007 macbook with a Core 2 Duo is stuck to Lion...)


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Hi Jon,
If your interest is to cover iOS8 64bit requirement, then SP3 is the way to go.
This service pack will be released shortly and its main goal is to provide support for 64bit iOS8.

The work on master branch is now targeting v5.1 planned for 2015Q2.