With Advanced data Formatting (ADF), how do I test for  a read of an OCR string?


In the ADF Programmers Guide there is a section on rule criteria based on the type of barcode read (e.g Code 3 or 9, Code 128, etc).  However this section does not include the code type OCR which is supported on some of the newer imaging scanners.  Does anyone know if there is an undocumented criteria code we can use for OCR?  Based on analysis of the other codes it will be a Code 128 barcode with the following format ..
6C13Dxx where xx is a hexadecimal numeric value.  For example:
PDF417     6C13D00
Code 39     6C13D01
Codabar     6C13D02

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Does anyone else out there use barcode scanners to read OCR data?  If so have you managed to figure out a way to test for OCR so that you can format it.  My only solution to date is to test for every barcode type and if it is a barcode read send the data and stop processing rules.  Then by process of elimination the last rule in the list will be the formatting rules for my OCR data string based on the assumption it was not a barcode.  The problem with this is the large number of rules required just to figure out the scanner read OCR.

If anyone from Motorola is out there please include an ADF criteria test for OCR data.  It can't be too hard as 123Scan2 seems to be able to test and report that OCR data was read.  How does this work it out and why don't we have access to that information?