MC3200: Bluetooth favorite com port of serial port profile is not stored persistent over warm boot

I need to pair to a toshiba bluetooth printer and activate COM5 to communicate with the printer via serial port profile. Is there a possibility / configuration / registry setting to keep the favorite COM PORT of a serial port profile persistent, so that is is not lost after a warm boot? The MC3090 has had such a possibility to create a settings file for the BTExplorer containing the Remote Address + ComPort + Baudrate. Unfortunately the MC3200 is using MOTOBTUI, rather then BTExplorer, so the old config file is useless. Any ideas how to manage that?

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Frank.The MC3200 defaults to


The MC3200 defaults to the Microsoft BT stack but you can switch to the Stonestreet stack (BTExplorer) using the attached registry key i.e. copy to \Application and then cold boot. The config file used for the 3090 should then work with the 3200 also.

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