Our application works with Zebra printers that use the ZPL or EPL programming language. Could you provide a list of Printer m...


We would like to provide a list of potential printer models our customers can choose from with the ZPL or EPL language. Could you please provide a list. Also, is there a new language we should look at incorporating into our software that is one your newer models of printers?

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Hi Rennie,
ZPL is standard across almost our entire product line EXCEPT: EM220, EM220II, ZQ110, Card printers, and all kiosk printers but the KR403.  Some of the mobile printers you may have to turn it on.
EPL is standard in all our desktop products including GX, GK, 2824P, ZD500, HC100, and the KR403.  It does have to be turned on, as ZPL is default for these printers.  EPL is also available upon customer request in a number of our tabletop industrial printers.

You can also validate your application with us to provide improved marketing with our printer products.  For more information please see www.zebra.com/isv
Hope this helps,