Providing sound feedback from web app after scanning from cs3070

I have a client that I wrote a browser app for that is using their phone to scan item part barcodes and then the app provides item detail.  they have purchased a cs3070 hooked up via bluetooth with the mobile device (phone).  They want to have sound feedback from the cs3070 based on certain item parameters.  Can I send an indicator to the cs3070 after the item is scanned and the item information is returned to have the cs3070 give off a beep?  Can this beep be customized so that if I send different indicators it will make a different beep?

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I don't see a controllable

I don't see a controllable feedback beep as part of the standard feature set of the CS3070. It may be possible to add it via a Custom Product request depending upon the number of units required (would have to be a significant quantity to justify the cost) and the bluetooth profile used .

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