QLN420, C# and Win RT

Hi everyone.

I am in an early phase of my project and I'm currently researching on how I can print a label on a QLN 420.



1. Can someone direct me to where I need to start?

2. Is there an SDK for C# or a dev kit?

3. Is there a working example available?

4. Do I need to setup the printer in a certain way to allow me to print from C#?


Thanks heaps!

Gregory Pawlik
Hi Jeff,You can use the Link

Hi Jeff,

You can use the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK to facilitate your development for the QLn420.

It can be downloaded from the following link:

Link-OS Multiplatform SDK

It contains sample code in C# as well as other languages such as Java and Objective C.

It does come with working examples as their corresponding source code.

There is no special setup needed on the QLn420 in order to get it to work with SDK other then configuring the printer for the proper network or Bluetooth connection.


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