Rotating a Label to Landscape


Customer is working off a print template which has been designed to print a label in portrait mode.  They desire to rotate the label to landscape; however, they have no control over the environment, chosen for this function.  Thus, the code cannot be altered to include the rotation per element or a ^FWx (assuming no rotation specified) without incurring a "huge" expense!!!
I suspect the ZPL code has the Barcode and Text elements with the orientation included.  Is there way of having the printer default to the 90 degree rotation?  Thus if  a "^BEN" or a "^A0N" is encountered, the printer will automatically rotate the label.

Submitted by gpawlik on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Don,

The printer by default is unable to interpret ZPL commands as other ones.

There would need to some short of modification on the printer if the customer cannot change the ZPL they are sending down to the printer.
It may require either custom firmware or a ZBI Script running on the printer to interpret the incoming ZPL commands into a landscape format.
For the development of such a solution, you should reach out to Zebra Development Services.