UPS & FedEx Labels on same printer

We have 140XiIII and 170Xi4 printers on our network.  We are using them to print carrier labels, and utilizing both carrier's web services to produce the ZPL image strings.

Everything looks perfect to the naked eye.

Since UPS does not directly support these printers, we are going through their label certification process.

The UPS maxicode is failing.  We have submitted several labels, and the reports indicate the data is not properly decompressing upon print.


Unfortunately UPS does not have drivers for these printers, and have simply recommended we get latest firmware updates, etc.


We are looking for recommendations:

#1 - does anyone have advice on printing both carriers labels on these printers?

#2 - does anyone have advice on printing both carriers labels on ANY higher speed network Zebras?


Here are the three Zebra printers we have on our network currently:

Z140xiIII – Firmware V33.11.1

Z140xiII Plus – Firmware V60.16.5Z

Z170xi4 – Firmware V53.17.22Z

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Donnie,The drivers

Hi Donnie,

The drivers actually have no role in creating the ZPL that gets sent to the printer. UPS uses the driver as a conduit to send the commands to the printer. So, if the maxicode is not printing correctly – it’s likely due to the ZPL that’s being sent or the printer firmware.  As two of your printers are end of life, we can't guarantee they will handle all formats perfectly as we add new features and functionality for UPS often.   

If UPS does not say they support those printers with their service,  we have to defer to their guidance (from a Zebra Corporate standpoint). 

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "the data is not properly decompressing upon print".   One thing you can do is set up the driver you have to print to a file and look at the output to try and figure out what may be the problem there.  Let me know if there is some help we can be with that.


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Donnie Harman
Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to reply Robin - much appreciated.

The most recent test we performed:

- Intercept the ZPL string immediately prior to printing (already decrypted from API response)

- Send ZPL to desktop printer (UPS Zebra ZP 450) - maxicode passed scan tests

- Create image online (labelary or similar) - maxicode passed scan tests

- Proceed with sending ZPL to our network printers listed in initial msg - maxicode fails test

The data retrieved by UPS during their test lacks some of the individual field separators and contents typically found.

Basically the data has some unprintable characters in the resulting string.

This led us straight to the firmware, but I think we are good there.

I assume your reference to end of life is aimed at the Z140s.

We are in a bit of a trick bag, as we know many merchants use printers to print both carrier's labels.  However, we  aren't sure buying brand new label printers solves our problem.

That's why I was checking to see if I found a response of a model known to be used for this purpose.

Having separate printers for each carrier is not acceptable in the operation, so we may have to go to plain paper.

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