MIB files for Zebra printers


I am developing application for monitoring zebra printers on a plant (model GK420t with network interface) via SNMP. Does anybody know where or how it is possible to get MIB structure for this model?

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Hi Kheen,
We update and add new things to the Link-OS MIB all the time, but don't always publish the updates externally.  The easiest way to get a full MIB from Link-OS printers is to get it directly from the printer now.  Creating an SNMP MIB File on a QLn Printer using Zebra Setup Utilities  This article says QLn printers, but should work with any Link-OS printer.

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I am unable to download the MIB. I registered myself with Zebra and confirmed my email address and everything. So frustrating...I'm just trying to download a gd MIB to assist with a network/hardware discovery project, as we have some Zebra printers not getting classified correctly.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Volodymyr,
The GK models share a MIB with our printserver.  It can be downloaded here Support for the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server. 
If you intend to move to one of our Link-OS printers in the future, we do have a much more expanded MIB for greater monitoring and control of the printer and print functions.  I'll post the link soon.
Hope this helps,