RFID writes successfully, but text printing does not work



I'm trying to print RFID labels and I'm following the examples in RFID Programming Guide 3 (Section 4 - Creating Basic FRID Label Formats). Example formats 1 and 2 do work in that I'm able to read the data written by the ^RFW command. The problem is that the printer is not also printing the "Simple write example" text on the label.


Printer is ZD500R with firmware V74.91.6Z

The sample code that I'm using is provided below for convenience:






^FDSimple write example











Thanks for any help

Hans Guth
Hallo,use the online ZPL


use the online ZPL Viewer to test your code, it's great. http://labelary.com/viewer.html

You should use also the code for the font: e.g. ^A0N,35,30

best regards   hg

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