C# - How to send KPL commands to ttp 2010 printer through serial port


Im using a zebra ttp 2010 kiosk printer and im trying to send data from my c# application to the printer through the serial port for it print the data.


First I tested the KPL commands, that i am using, through the Zebra toolbox program and i can sucessfully print the data i need but when i try to replicate the commands

via the c# SerialPort.Write(), nothing is printed.


The printer actually receives the data that i sent through the serial port but doesn't print until tell the printer to print something with the zebra toolbox program or i press the force feed button in the printer.


Does anyone know how i can fix this? or at least is there any sample code available?


Thanks in advance,

André Benevides

Christal Spaeth
Andre,I noticed on Stack


I noticed on Stack Overflow that you were able to come up with a solution, here: printing - C# - send KPL commands to zebra ttp 2010 printer via serial port - Stack Overflow


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