Scan event not firing "keyup" event in javascript

We are currently testing using the WT600. We are trying to scan into a div on a web app to prevent the on screen keyboard from popping up. We had this working with another device that we were testing, but can't seem to get it to work with this one. In javascript, we are just binding to the "keyup" event and putting the data into the div on the UI. With this scanner, the only "keyup" event that fires is the "enter" key.


The last device was a Honeywell Dolphin, and in order to get it to work we had to map the keycodes for the output. The process is laid out in this StackOverflow article: android - Capture barcode reader (keyboard-wedge) events from javascript - Stack Overflow


Can anyone point me in a direction to make this work on this device? The only setting that seems like it would be related is "Keystroke Output" in the profile which is enabled, but doesn't appear to have any affect.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi,Have you looked into


Have you looked into Enterprise Browser? ( ), you should be able to enable or disable the barcode scanner when you enter or leave text fields.  Enterprise Browser has a JavaScript Barcode API whose enable method (Barcode - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ) will output scanned data as keystrokes if desired.

The "Keystroke Output" is a Datawedge feature but unfortunately on Android, Datawedge does not have the capability to detect whether or not the cursor is in a text field, though it is something the team are looking to add at some stage.

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