Xamarin LinkOS Bluetooth connection not closed

Hi, I am using LinkOS SDK on Xamarin by following this tutorial:

Basic Xamarin Print Example

The printing is working, but the bluetooth connection is not closed after printing. As a result, another phone cannot connect to the printer until I manually turn off bluetooth on Android or iOS.


I did call the connection.close() method:

     if (connection.IsConnected)


How should I close it?

Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Yi Yang,Please, download

Hi Yi Yang,

Please, download the newer version of the Multiplatform SDK from the link below, and follow the new sample code for Xamarin. The new sample code closes the connection correctly.

Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra

You will find this into the following folder

C:\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\link_os_sdk\xamarin\v1.1.75\demos\src



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