ZD410 Android Bluetooth


I'm currently developing Android app (React Native app to be precise) which should be able to print labels on ZD410 printer connected through Bluetooth.
My problem is that printer is visible when am looking for USB printers(UsbDiscoverer.findPrinters(...)) but is not visible when am searching for Bluetooth printers(BluetoothDiscoverer.findPrinters()). It does not throw any exception just return no printers.
The problem does not occur in Zebra Printer Setup Utility app but also occur in following apps:

Print Station I only see printer by USB
Connect and Print Over TCP/IP and Bluetooth It cannot connect when I provide Bluetooth MAC address
rosebm/ZebraPrintingAndroid It does not see my printer


In AndroidManifest I added BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and there are checked to be granted in runtime
Printers discovering is not in main UI thread

Here are technical details:

Android device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (sm-t350)
Android version: 6.0.1
SDK version: 2.11.2800 (b522b31e733a7635e65608157a1a0472535
Printer: Zebra ZD410

Is anyone has any idea what can be wrong or what else I can check?
Prove that Zebra Printer Setup Utility works correctly:

Prove that Connect and Print Over TCP/IP and Bluetooth does not work:

Printer's configuration:

Thaks in advance for any help!