Cant set AimType "Continuous_Read"

Hi guys,

I want to set my scanner aim type to continuous read programmatically.

When I set my Scannerconfig through the following code: setConfig.jpg

After I set the Config I execute a Scan but that's a normal scan.

When I check the scannerconfig in the onPostExecute class after the scan Process I can see that only the imagerSpecific config for the aimType is set to "CONTINUOUS_READ" and the cameraSpecific/laserSpecific aimTypes are set to "TRIGGER".


So I want to know how to set the other two Aimtypes also to "CONTINUOUS_READ" or how I'm able to start a continuous scanning.

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Hi,Your device will only have


Your device will only have one type of hardware (camera scanner, imager scanner or laser scanner), the properties supported by each type of hardware may differ but in the case of aimType it is supported on all hardware.  It looks like you have an imager on your device and so only CONTINUOUS_READ of the imager is set, so that looks correct.

The documentation for continuous read is here: ScannerConfig.AimType (app API) .  Are you submitting new reads as soon as the previous read is satisfied?  There is an example of how to do this in the barcode sample, Barcode APIs - Zebra Technologies TechDocs , see the 'continuous' checkbox.


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