How to print a PDF or image at full width of the printer paper?

I'm attempting to send images to my ZQ520 printer to print. They end up printing, but they're always printing at a much smaller scale than they need to be. The image is shrunken down to about 2/3 the width of the paper. Are there any tutorials for configuring this?

I'm testing this using the DevDemos app from the Zebra GitHub account. When launching the app, I go to "Image Print", choose "PDF Print", and it prints the PDF, just at a shrunken size.To get PDFs (and images) printing at full width of the paper, is that something I need to change in the Objective C code, or a configuration setting on the printer?

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Hi Tanner,PDF libraries

Hi Tanner,

PDF libraries generally assume standard 8.5" x11" paper. This means that page resolutions can definitely be wrong.

There are a few options.  The best is if you are the one creating the PDF, to make sure you are creating it at the same size as your actual label.  Say you are using MS Word to create a PDF, you need to make sure the full original document size is 4"x6" or whatever your label really is.  

The other option is to use some tools to scale the image properly.  PDF tools are very variable and some are much better than others.  I'm not sure what scaling options are available in the iOS native library. 

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