EMDK for Xamarin - Unable to activate instance of type

Unable to activate instance of type Symbol.XamarinEMDK.Barcode.Scanner+IStatusListenerImplementor from native handle 0x1d200001 (key_handle 0x426eae90)

This error crashes my Xamarin Android application in my project. I had thought it was something I was doing wrong in code, but then I can get it to occur with the Zebra - BarcodeSample1 project found here Zebra EMDK Sample

It seems that this issue is with Zebra's EMDK for Xamarin and I'm not sure how to get around this. If anyone can help or has experienced this issue, I would be overjoyed to work through a solution and can provide any logs or code.

I am using a TC75 scanner and this issue occurs with continuous scanning and a combination of holding/pressing the scanner while pressing home, then re opening the app, then pressing home all while quickly pressing or holding the scanner. In less than a minute in debug mode the application will crash. (It also crashes when deployed as well.

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Hi Mike,I have seen a few

Hi Mike,

I have seen a few people ask similar questions on this forum, we have a ticket internally tracking the issue and I have asked the dev team for an update.  I believe this issue is restricted to debug builds only?  If it also affects release builds then please let me know.



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