Zebra card printer, Java SDK and units

Hi, I'm trying to print id card with Zebra ZXP 7 Series printer using Java SDK and I need some hints to understand how should I calculate dimensions.

For example this method:

ZebraCardGraphics.drawImage(byte[] imageData, int x, int y,int width, int height,float transparency, RotationType rotation)

gets Integers as x and y coordinator, width and height.

I guess it's pixels.

How to calculate these values from centimeters?

What is the density? Can I read density (pixel/centimeter) from printer with SDK?

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Hi Jakub,All the Zebra card

Hi Jakub,

All the Zebra card printers are 12 dots(pixels) per millimeter. That's also equivalent to 300 dots per inch.

Hope this helps, Robin

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