ZD500 Web Print service : Http 404 error when printer tries to connect

We are trying to put together a Print service in the cloud so that our customers can print directly, to ZD 500 printer, from our web application. We are using ZSDK_DevDemo posted here. SSL connection, between the printer and our site, is successful. But, then we see a 404 error in the printer logs as well as on our Tomcat localhost-access-xxx.log. We checked if there is an issue with the web.xml and dont see any issue. Curious if anyone is using the above ZSDK demo service and have run into this issue. Appreciate any help.

Below are additional details :

1. Have seen references to zebra.war file in forums. But unable to find the WAR anywhere. Hence, we ended up downloading the code from Git repository and work off it.

1. The Git code has 2 web.xml files. The provided ANT build only packages WebContent contents, not WebLinkServlet which is the primary service the printer talks to. Hence, we created a separate WAR application for WebLinkServlet.

2. The JAR files donot contain the servlet required for WebLinkServlet and hence we had to package up the classes, in this directory, including the ZebraWsServlet that is configured in its web.xml.

3. We tried different ways to configure the servlet-mapping, including replacing ZebraWsServlet with a different one (Spring Dispatcher). When we configure the Spring Dispatcher, we get an error in Tomcat, which probably tells us the URL is being hit. But when ZebraWsServlet is configured, no error in Tomcat catalina.out but a 404 is returned on the printer side.

​, I have gone through some of your articles on the forums. But nothing that helped resolve the issue we are running into.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Samba Pedapalli
Figured this out. It so

Figured this out. It so happens that the Servlets provided on the demo Git site work on Tomcat 7 only since the APIs used by these classes are not available in Tomcat 8+. For your reference WebSocketServlet (Apache Tomcat 7.0.88 API Documentation) .

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