how to use rhomobile Javascript API in a webview

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I'm totally new to zebra. I created a pure webview app, and installed it to Zebra TC8000. Now I want to use rhomobile JS API (like Notification in Rhomobile | Notification ) in the webview to enable Zebra TC8000 to play audio files in sdcards. By any chance, can anybody have experience to use rhomobile JS API in a pure webview app instead of rhomobile application?

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Hi, if by pure webview you

Hi, if by pure webview you mean just having the application running in Chrome or some other browser then I'm afraid this is not possible.

The recommended approach is to use Enterprise Browser for web based development, it is backwardly compatible with the rhomobile JS APIs for example the Notification API is here: Notification - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  You should be able to take your existing webview app and run it in Enterprise Browser (so EB is acting as a container for your web app).  There is a license cost associated with EB.

You could still go down the Rhomobile route and that does not require a license, though Zebra no longer offers formal support or new features for Rhomobile it should still meet your needs.

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