How to get feedback from ZT410 printer via HTTP ?

Hello Developer Community,

We are using Zebra ZT410 RFID printer and are communicating to the printer via HTTP post. By default printer sends a 200 "Successful" response as long as the communication is successful.

We would like to receive actual error feedback in case of any error while printing due to any hardware / ribbon / tag related issues.

Please suggest how this is possible via HTTP.

If the response as requested above is not possible, it is also OK if there is a way to receive the value of "odometer.rfid.valid._resettable" via HTTP communication.



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Hi Raja,Using the standard

Hi Raja,

Using the standard HTTP post method, it is not possible to read any response from the printer, it is purely a one-way print channel.  There are many other methods that allow for 2-way communication, from using the Zebra Link-OS SDK's to Browser Print.  Print DNA | Zebra

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