Web Printing "TCP/IP Direct from Server"

Hi, I'm looking for more information about the "TCP/IP Direct from Server" web printing option that's described in the following video (https://youtu.be/XVYATTaYJJw?t=9m) at the 9:00 mark. We've recently purchased several Zebra ZT510 industrial printers and did a successful test with printing labels through the Browser Print app (using the great demo code that comes with the Browser Print app); however, we are interested in providing a more centralized solution that runs on the web server so that ...

  • Users can print labels from our intranet software using their web browser
  • Users can have a default printer but can also easily change to another printer
  • The solution doesn't have to be installed on each workstation (e.g., it's not required to be installed on each workstation like Browser Print)

Other Info

  • The application is running on a Windows Server, but is written in Java Struts and runs on Tomcat
  • All of the workstations, servers, and printers are on the same network, so Cloud Connect should not be needed
  • We have generated the ZPL format needed for our labels using NiceLabel

The solution as described in the video at the 9:00 mark sounds like what we're looking for. Are there any code examples showing the following?

  1. Embed the Link-OS SDK in a Java web application
  2. Allow the user to select which network printer they want to use
  3. Send the ZPL code from the webserver to the selected printer?

Thanks so much!

Devin Howe

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Devin, The Link-OS SDK has

Hi Devin,

The Link-OS SDK has a PC/Server library in Java that works well with Tomcat.  The SDK also has some sample code that shows how to use TCP connections.  If you look in the 'webservices' folder of the SDK, there is another sample app showing how to embed the SDK into a Tomcat webserver, but the connection type is websockets instead of TCP.

Hope this helps, Robin

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Glenn Meader
Problems with Link-OS SDK for OS X?

I cannot get the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK to do anything on my development machine: a recent model Mac laptop. I downloaded the OS X Installer, from
but the mpsdk-installer-2-15.app contained in the .zip file does not seem to do anything when I run it.
I am mostly interested in the documentation contained within the SDK.
Is there a problem with the Macintosh SDK file?

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