ZD420t (300dpi) DataMatrix variable field bar code data character limit?


I created a label template in Zebra Designer to be able to quickly print out a specific label (MAT-Label 70x48) with Data Matrix code as variable bar code data. The problem I encountered is that, when I paste the input data for the Data Matrix code during Print function the generated code has only 126 instead of 210+ characters. The sample input data for a Data Matrix code would look like that:

[)>@06@12S0002@P00196508A0@1PE0151CIT00003 @31PE0151CIT00003@12V316111702@10VJPN-TOKYO @2P@20P@6D20120323@14D20130323 @30PY@Z5a@K6100004089@16K3551354 @V310734@3SS000001069425@Q1200NAR000@20T1@1T126A006C@2T @1ZCN-N1@@

I tried to change the maximum number of characters to 300 and still all I get is:

[)>@06@12S0002@P00196508A0@1PE0151CIT00003 @31PE0151CIT00003@12V316111702@10VJPN-TOKYO @2P@20P@6D20120323@14D20130323 @30PY@Z5

When I generate the Data Matrix code as "Fixed bar code data" the generated DM has all the characters.

I am using the latest Zebra Designer (Basic) software: 2.5.0 (9424)

The printer is running the latest firmware: V84.20.10Z

Datamatrix properties: X and Y expansion factor: 5, Default Code page, Aspect ratio: 52x52.

With kind regards

Krzysztof Starzynski

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Krzysztof,I believe this

Hi Krzysztof,

I believe this is a limitation of the software right now, and would recommend you contact Zebra tech support to log it as a potential bug.  It doesn't mean you can't use it though.  I'm not sure what your use case is, but if you are trying to create a template to be used elsewhere, be reassured, the printer can handle a large amount of data in the barcode.  If your use case is to have a template that you can add to your application with variable data, then the extracted prn file will get you the template, and you can add as much data as you want when you are sending the print jobs from your application.

Let me know if this answers your question,


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