WM6.5 using Android



Is there an application / utility that allows me to have an android device while using a WM6.5 application?
kinda like a WM emulation...

Thanks for your support!

Submitted by Patrick Amrein on November 03, 2020 Permalink

There's a possible solution to convert your Windows Mobile 6.5 application to an Android app.
Using Xamarin, you cannot migrate directly though, the only idea that is suggested is to reuse existing backend and then rewrite the UI. The asnwers: https://shorturl.at/qRSTV http://customwritingcompany.com for Android apps and cross-platform tagged in the category: projects.
Patrick Amrein
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Submitted by Dmitry Prokhorov on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hello Niv,

While it seems technically possible I was unable to find any ready to use WM6.5 simulator that can run on Android device.
In case you have source code of your WM6.5 application then it would be a reasonable approach is to re-implement your application for Android platform using high-level frameworks like Xamarin or Tau framework.

Dmitry Prokhorov
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