Zebra MC32N0 Model Windows CE7 : Keystroke Output did not have menu Action key character ?

Dear Zebra Support

I am user , using Zebra MC32N0  

I want to  Scan barcode  " ^ " then let the handheld  sending tab key.    

Exmple   Picture below  barcode  :  CMA^XXXX^APU105E  .

When I scan and if the handheld found "^" then handheld sending tab key.


I found procedure for android version  but did not found procedure for WINDOW CE .

Could you please suggest me how to do ?

Anonymous (not verified)
DataWedge is available for CE

DataWedge is available for CE devices but may not be pre-installed.  You can download the CAB file from DataWedge Toolkit for Windows Support & Downloads | Zebra .  Basic Data Formatting has been a feature of DataWedge for years so you should be able to follow the steps given in the procedure you referenced.

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