TC51-Scanner stops working when you remove the battery

A little more context.

We are enrolling our Zebra devices inside Airwatch. Once they enroll we push a profile (launcher and restrictions) to lock the device down to just one page.  The user only sees the app they need to do their tasks.

We thought everything was working fine, until we attempted to swap the battery or re-boot the device.

Once we did either step, the scanner (datawedge) stops working, the remediation is performing a complete system wipe and re-enrolling the device into Airwatch and thats not going to work!

Has anyone experienced this issue or one similar?


Darryn Campbell
Hi, it is possible the

Hi, it is possible the battery swap UI is stopping DataWedge since DW considers a new application has come to the foreground it disables the active profile.  I would expect DataWedge to re-enable the profile when your application comes back to the foreground and I can't explain why that is not the case.  It might be worth looking at your DataWedge profiles and ensure the correct activity / activities are associated with your profile(s).

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