Cancel all print job when paper/ribbon has run out


We have a big issue within our company where the end user will print a number of labels, but the ribbon/media will run out before it finished printing the batch.
Frustratingly, the end user will - instead of replacing the ribbon/media - just walk away.
When the next person comes along, he/she will initiate another print job then realize the media/ribbon has run out so will replace.
Problem with this is the Zebra printer will continue printing the previous batch which then is intermixed with a new batch of printed labels. If the end user is not paying attention, he/she will collect a mixture of labels which is causes a quality concern.
What we would like to do is have the ability to cancel all print jobs once ribbon or media has run out.
Is this possible?

Submitted by Samantha Corn on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Ian,

There is a cancel all command that you could try. You can use the ZPL version of the command, ~JA, or the SGD command:

! U1 setvar "formats.cancel_all" ""

These commands can be found on pages 220 and 734 of the ZPL Programming Guide. They should clear out everything in the printer's internal buffer.