Using .NET PC SDK to print to a shared usb printer


I have a ZD220 USB printer. I am using PC (.NET) SDK.
I connected the printer to computer A through USB and shared it (works).
I would like to have an application on computer B that prints over the network to the shared printer on computer A.
Both computers are on the same network.

I have been looking through the methods, but I do not see one for this. Maybe UrlPrinterDiscoverer.FindPrinters? This seems to only be for Urls. Can I pass \\computername\printername as a url? (This wouldn't help though, as I don't want to use a Windows 10 Universal App.)

I also found this:
However, I do not believe ZBRGetHandle exists in the sdk I downloaded.


Steven Si
First of all, the

First of all, the UrlPrinterDiscoverer.FindPrinters() is an API to allow an application to pass a URL like printer description string as the parameter, so the API can extract the printer information from the *URL*, such as Serial Number, MAC Addresses, etc., before it starts the discovery process. This URL is not a *true* URL assigned to the printer. It rather uses the URL format to describe the printer's properties in the format used in the NFC tag on each printer, i.e."

So, it cannot be used for any other purposes or be passed with other types of strings.

Secondly, the ZD220 printer only has the USB connection. This limits the use of the printer for only one host that the printer is attached to over the USB.

If you want to print from multiple printers on the network, it’s better to upgrade to a Zebra printer with a network connection (i.e. WiFi or Ethernet connection). Once the printer is networked, there are multiple way to print from multiple printers. The easiest way is to use SendFileToPrinter API (Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs).

By the way, the ZBRGetHandle and the link you referred above is for the Card Printer SDK. They are not applicable to label printers, such as ZD220.

Hope this helps

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