Capturing decoded barcode in Javascript using Datawedge 7.3+... how to test the software

Currently developing an HTML5 application we want to run on tablets like the the Android ET51 with Integrated scanner or the Honeywell equivalent model. I want to be able to test the KeyEvent option (

The business gave me a device from the field: a MC33xx running an older version of Datawedge: 7.0.4, so impossible to activate. I see that all upgrades to a newer version are locked and require a special account. Is there no exception for developers?

How can we test the Datawedge? If not possible on a hardware device, is there then an emulator?

Thanks for any suggestion!

Darryn Campbell
KeyEvents should work just

KeyEvents should work just like they do in a standard browser so you should be able to use desktop Chrome to develop your app and test barcode input using the keyboard.  You would need to either update your MC33xx (which requires a support contract) or obtain an ET51 from your client to test on real hardware.

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