DS9908 not POwer ON by USB, while DS9808 works file

I need your help, please.

Study case :
* I developt a program with an Adruino MKR 1010
* I connected a DS9808 scanner to the USBHost
* With the DS9808, it beeps and scan every thing. The program and scanner works
* With the DS9908 (new one), it doesn't Power ON, no wake up
* I have two DS9908, and all them power OFF

The configuration of each reader is the same : HID keyboard with power management
All scanners work on my PC.

But with my application, only DS9808 works. I tryed with older 1D scanner and that worked also.

I upgraded the firmware of DS990, no result.

I checked the alimentation :
* Tension on USB's pins : 5.1V
* Alimentation : 1A/5V

* What does the DS9908 need to wke up ?
-> wich command
* Does the DS9908 have an USB HUB internally ?
* What are the difference betwenn DS9808 and DS9908 with their HID profil ?
* Which are the USB device used into the DS9908 ?
=> perhaps an incompatibility

I attached :
* configuration of DS908 and DS9808
* Images of DS9808 worked and DS9908 not worked

Best regards

Ian Hatton
DS9908 not POwer ON

Try using a powered USB hub between the host device and the DS9908 - looks like the power draw of the 9908 may be more than the previous model and exceeds the output available from your host .

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