Using TeamViewer for full Remote Control of Zebra Oreo Devices

Anonymous (not verified) - May 10, 2019

With the release of Oreo OS for SD660 and 8056 based products, we have the ability to support full remote control of our devices via TeamViewer which is a feature that has been requested many times over the past few years. This uses the new Event Injection service which was added in Oreo and provides a method for third party apps to implement remote control without requiring app signing by Zebra. This service is enabled via the Service Access Action/Allow caller feature of AccessMgr CSP as detailed here Access Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs  and requires a caller signature to be specified for the calling app (in this case the TeamViewer client). To simplify deployment of the required TeamViewer client and the XML required to enable it , the SN barcode below will deploy and enable the client on any Oreo Zebra device which has a preconfigured internet connection.


1. Preconfigure an internet connection , run StageNow and scan the barcode below:

2. Run the TeamViewer QuickSupport app and (provided the required ports are open on your network) , the client ID should be displayed on screen.

3. Run the TeamViewer PC client ( I used the PortableApps version at TeamViewer Portable (remote PC support and screen-sharing) |  ) and enter the client iD to connect.

4. Press the confirmation button on the device side to confirm that remote access should be allowed.

5. Device should connect and you will have full Remote Control access from the PC including file transfer . Thanks to Adam Arruda and Niv Schwager for sharing the required info to enable this feature :-) Raw XML is also attached to this post for use in a different profile/deployment method.


Anonymous (not verified)

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K Khai-Van Phu

Hi Ian,
This is a good news!
The Remote Control feature of TeamViewerQS is working now on TC5X Oreo!
But on TC2X running Oreo I got a StageNow error message of type: "<em><strong>The DSD version is higher than current supported DSD 4.4</strong></em>" after scanning the staging barcode. Do you know if this can be fix?

K Khai-Van Phu

The TC2X has a limited features of MX features versus other TC5X/TC7X.
Especially those found in the MX Access Manager and required by the Event Injection technique in order to have Remote Control. Hence no Remote Control in TeamViewer for the TC2X.

I Ian Hatton

See also the TeamViewer support article here for more info:
<a href="…;

M Matthew Borgo

This works well, thank you! The barcode scanned in StageNow, it downloaded QuickSupport and I could remotely control the Android devices from my Mac via TeamViewer.
Is there any chance you can create a StageNow barcode to work with the TeamViewer Host app on the Android device instead of TeamViewer QuickSupport?
The Host app is what we use to access Android devices for troubleshooting and I can keep devices bookmarked in a list unlike the QuickSupport app.
We are unfortunately a Mac only environment so I don't have access to the StageNow app for Windows and am unfamiliar with it (to create profiles) as well.

M Matteo Brunato

HI, I'm trying to use Teamviewer on MC3300 with OREO. I don't understand the passage to configure a remote control. There is any collegue that can be explain what I can do?
Thank you in advance

S Stepan Patsyuk

Hi, where can i get barcode from step 1 ?
The requested page "/community/home/blog/2019/05/10/pastedImage_1.png" could not be found.
Can anyone upload it again please?

I Ian Hatton

If you are having problems seeing the images embedded in this blog , the original article is posted as a PDF file here: 
<a href="… Blog</a>

M Michael La Macchia

I am not really understanding how to create a barcode following the Teamviewer information located <a href="…; .
Can somebody please assist in creating a Barcode for the Teamviewer Host app please, i currently use the QS thanks to the barcode above but really need to implement the HS Teamviewer app.
Thank you in advance,