IN THIS ISSUE: 5 Tips for Using Grid; Adobe to Scrap PhoneGap; Trends in Mobile App Dev; Top 12 Mobile Dev Languages; Compiler Pioneer Dies at 88; TypeScript 4.0 Released

Screenshot of the Apple website from the 1990s

5 Tips for Using Grid to Structure Web Pages

For developers building web pages, Grid is a great way to avoid the need to use HTML alone to control the look and feel of a site. The vintage page shown above would be practically impossible to build without some kind of framework such as Grid of Flexbox

Adobe to Scrap PhoneGap

Earier this month Adobe announced that it will no longer advance PhoneGap or the Apache Cordova project on which it's based. Originally released in 2008, PhoneGap provided a framework for building "native" apps for iPhone using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  

Trends to Consider for Mobile App Dev

It's sometimes better to lead, but following the herd can have its advantages too. Stepping out too much when building a mobile-app UI can be harmful to producivity. Follow these trends to keep apps in line with convention. 

Top 12 languages.png
Top 12 languages.png, by jvwc67

Top 12 languages.png, by jvwc67

Top 12 Languages for Mobile Dev

Despite notable newcomers, stalwarts Java, C and C++ still top the list of the world's most-used languages for mobile app development. 

Compiler Pioneer Dies at 88

Frances Allen, a pioneer in the field of software compilers and the first female recipient of the prestigious Turing Award, passed away on Aug. 4, her 88th birthday. Allen is credited with major advancements in technology relating to compiler optimization and code parallelization. 

TypeScript 4.0 Improves Refactoring, UX 

In its first major release in two years, TypeScript 4.0 reportedly delivers significant improvements to its refactoring capabilities, better integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor and enhanced error reporting. Get TypeScript 4.0 through NuGet.