IN THIS ISSUE: 5G Specs Expand Beyond Phones; Help Testing With Engineering Practices; Google AMP Takes Heat; Honeypots for the Cloud; Are Employers Spying on Workers at Home?; Why Software Quality Matters


5G-Industry Campus Europe - Ericsson

5G Specs Expand to Factories, Robotics

Some might consider it weird, but the standards body in charge of the 5G specification is taking it to some unexpected places justified by their use cases. 


Advance Testing by Adjusting Engineering Practices 

A few adjustments to engineering practices can have a huge impact on a testing organization, and can help find defects earlier when they're easier to correct. 


How to Find Non-Google AMP Web Pages | PCMag

Google AMP:  Good Idea or Covert Take-over?

On its face, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, sounds like a great idea. Who doesn't like faster mobile browsing, right? But critics of the Google specs believe it could give the company too much control over things such as the way search results are ranked. 


Honeypots for the Cloud

Cloud-based systems need protection just as much as on-premise solutuions. But should a honeypot for a cloud-based system also be cloud based?  


spy_boss.png, by jvwc67

Are Employers Spying on Workers at Home?

In the age of the global pandemic, millions more workers are doing so from home. This has given rise to a new crop of remote-work monitoring solutions that some say are an invasion of privacy. Decide for yourself in five minutes (video). 


Why Software Quality Matters. A Lot.

If your organization is concerned only with getting software out the door, it might be focusing on short-term gains and missing the long-term view.