Web Application API to print barcode and text on a label



We have the ZD421-HC 4-INCH printer and I'm in charge of connecting the printer to a web application written in PHP to print the the labels contain barcodes and texts.

I wonder if you have any API and manual for JS or PHP for that.


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There are two options for integrating Zebra printers (including ZD421) with web application. The first option, which is also the simplest one, is the SendFileToPrinter API. It is a cloud-based solution and the printers have to connect to the cloud. Refer to this article for detail: Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Need.

The second option is the Browser Print, which requires the printers to be connected to the LAN or to the computer via USB, so that the computer that is browsing the web application can discover the printers. A Browser Print client is required to install on the browsing computer (Mac OS or Windows). The web application will use the Browser Print library to interact with the client on the computer in order to discover, connect and print to the printer.