^CI not work on zebra rw420


Dear Community, Dear Zebra Team,
I am using zebra rw420, I am trying to use Arabic language. Before that I have tried to use different encodings and print in different languages using ^CI, but nothing work with me, can you help me please?
^FT100,200^A0N,50^FDTEST accents é è à ù ^FS
I have tried all examples in https://supportcommunity.zebra.com/s/article/Printing-with-Internationa
always the output is same as without ^CI.

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Try to copy & paste the ZPL into a Notepad++ with UTF-8 encoding and save it as a file. Then send the file to the RW420 printer via the Printer Setup Utility. It should print.

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The RW420 printer is essentially a EPL and CPCL printer with ZPL emulator. If you intend to use ZPL, I'd suggest to get a Link-OS mobile printer, such as ZQ300, ZQ500 or ZQ600 series, which support ZPL natively. The RW420 has been discontinued in 2015 and the support was discontinued in 2020.