How to map a usbPrinter address to Windows printer name using SDK


This is my first time to work with Zebra printer SDK, I need some help now. My goal is to detect if my USB Zebra printer is online or not and if the status is ready to print, very basic requirements. Currently I am using below code(c#) to find existing printers in system (Windows 10)

List = UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraUsbPrinters(new ZebraPrinterFilter());
I am able to see the printer status which is good, but how do I know the found printer's Windows's printer name? I can see address field with below data value " \\?\usb#vid_0a5f&pid_0143#d1j200906221#{28d78fad-5a12-11d1-ae5b-0000f803a8c2} " which I can't map it to Windows printer name like "ZDesigner ZD620-300dpi ZPL" in my case. Although it is ok I can assume the one I find with SDK is the right one, but what if I have 2 usb printers installed, how can I map which one is which?

Thanks for any help!