GS1 intent output label_type


Hello, I'm trying to read a GS1 Datamatrix barcode and a GS1 Code 128 barcode, both have a FNC1 at the beginning, and a FNC1 in the middle (after a (10) variable length value).
I want to receive the full string, and decode it with my code.
My problem is that when using GetString("com.symbol.datawedge.data_string"); the first FNC1 char is stripped, and the second is converted to ASCII 29.
Even if I use, GetByteArray("com.symbol.datawedge.decode_data"); the FNC1 is stripped and the second is converted to ASCII 29.
I can stand the 29 conversion, but the stripping of FNC1 prevent me from detecting if the code is a GS1-128 or a normal Code128, or if is normal Datamatrix or a GS1 Datamatrix.
If i use GetString("com.symbol.datawedge.label_type"); the result is always LABEL-TYPE-DATAMATRIX , if I read a normal Datamatrix or if I read a GS1 Datamatrix. Same with a linear barcode, is always Code128.

Is there a way for not to strip the first FNC1, not convert 29, or, if not, to have label_type detected correctly?

Using DataWedge 8.2 on a TC21 (with MDNA) and 11.3 on a TC52x, same behavior.


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I haven't tested, but this may be due to the charset configuration? Have you tried selecting a different option here to see if the results vary?