Datawedge (Input from another app)



I need to send some data from my application to Datawedge. What kind of datawedge input shall I use ? simulscan ?

Some code in C# will help a lot.

Datawedge will be configureg to use Keystroke output to send my data to the active application.

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There's no coding required. Just associate your app with DataWedge with no Profile (Profile0 will then be the default), select (or confirm) "barcode" as the input and "keystrokes" as the output. When your app has focus, bring up a text field and scan a barcode. DataWedge will self-activate and should populate the field with the data it acquires from the barcode. 

Once that's working, you can modify the output to do all sorts of things, such as moving the cursor to the next field (to allow the user to perform an additional scan and acquire more data). 

This page will give you a good general overview: 


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Maybe my question is not clear, but this not what I need.

We have a remote services on a server which is sending datas via TCP/IP to our application on the terminal. The goal of this application (service) is to receive the datas and to send it (keystroke emulation with Datawedge output) to the active field of the active application on the terminal. Is it more clear ?