We are happy to announce that RhoConnect 3.3.1 is released.  This version has a few small changes from the final beta (3.3.1.beta4):


Features & Enhancements:


* disable sqlite3 dependency by default so applications deploy on heroku without modification

* #28696971 - select which models to bulk sync


Bug Fixes:


* #33021139 - ping test page doesn't send sound parameter

* cleaner layout on statistics page


Features & Enhancements new in RhoConnect 3.3:


* Support for new RhoConnect push service (beta)  - Documentation, CLI and client support coming soon

* Bulk sync now supports objects with blob attributes

* New bucket-based storage system for redis which provides much faster access to adapter datasets

* New REST API routes available




$ gem install rhoconnect




1) change rhoconnect version in your app's Gemfile to "3.3.1"

2) bundle install


NOTE: The previous release 3.3.1.beta4 introduced a hard-coded dependency on the windows-pr 1.2.1 gem.  This was a workaround due to issue https://github.com/djberg96/windows-pr/issues/8.   If you have a previous app where you added the windows-pr dependency manually to your Gemfile, you can remove it.  It is not necessary anymore.