I have been spending a lot of time lately looking at the variety of JS MVC frameworks and how to use them in my next RhoMobile application. You may have seen the last blog I did on some considerations for selecting the right framework for your app. From that you can clearly see that AngularJS has been gaining a lot of traction in the community. Well I came across this great video that made the lightbulb go off in my head as to why this may be the case. The video walks through the basics and builds concepts as he goes through the fundamentals you will need to get started. I really like how he blends code examples with presentation. Have a look, it is well worth it.


Once you get a taste and maybe play around with the framework, take a look at the guide we have on for using AngularJS with RhoMobile. Stay tuned, I will be updating my JS MVC CRUD demo to include Angular as well. Right now it just has Ember JS as I walked through in a recent presentation.