RhoMobile works with Windows 8.x, but the installer places RhoMobile files in the same directory structure as on a Windows 7 system. This includes placement of launcher shortcuts and web links in the "Start Menu" folder. Since Windows 8 lacks a Start Menu, there's an extra step or two following an install to make the RhoMobile launchers visible.

After running the RhoMobile installer in Windows 8.x, do the following

  • While on the "Start Screen" UI (aka "Metro"), right-click at the bottom of the screen until the App Bar appears (on Win8.1, the button should appear without right-clicking).
  • Click the "All Apps" button to show all apps. The RhoStudio apps should appear as a group. Launch the desired app from there, or...
  • Right-click the 32-bit RhoStudio app launcher and select "Pin to Taskbar." This will make it easy to access from the Desktop. Repeat this action for other launchers and for links to Documentation and Developer Community, if desired.

NOTE: The Windows 8 Desktop by default allows only 32-bit applications. For running the 64-bit RhoStudio, see the 64-bit RhoStudio section, below.

64-bit Windows and 64-bit RhoMobile

The 32- and 64-bit versions of RhoMobile are functionally equivalent. There's no disadvantage to using the 32-bit RhoMobile on development hosts with 64-bit Windows.

However, if you'd prefer to run the 64-bit version of RhoMobile on your 64-bit Windows machine, you'll need to manually download and install the 64-bit version of the Java development kit. *NOTE: This is different than the Java version that might already be on your system for browsers.*

To get the current 64-bit JDK: 

  • Visit Oracle's Java Developer Kit Download page, select, download and install the 64-bit Java version for Mac OS X or Windows as appropriate for your system.
  • To confirm the the JDK path, launch RhoStudio and go to Window>>Preferences>>RhoMobile. The "Java bin path" should be:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk<version number>\bin

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RhoMobile SP3 (v5.0.38) has been released. Read the release notes


Download the SP3 Windows binaries


Download the SP3 Mac OS X binaries