Dear RhoMobile Users:


To encourage and expand opportunities for innovation, Zebra is committed to building a thriving developer community that enhances RhoMobile beyond what Zebra can do alone. To accomplish this, we will be making RhoMobile Suite an open-source software in Q2 2016.


Zebra will continue to sell and support existing versions of RhoMobile Suite (2.x through 5.4). If you are satisfied with your current version, there will be no need to move to open source.  If you are developing a solution that requires new platform enhancements, new OS support (such as iOS 10 or Android M) or new device support, you will be able to make the move to the open-source platform at your own pace.


The following portions of RhoMobile Suite will NOT be open-sourced:

  • Hosted Cloud Builds: Will remain available to customers with subscriptions up to version 5.4. Open source users will be responsible for their own build environments or will be able to take advantage of environments offered by other partners.
  • Windows M/CE Platform Webkit Support: Being a third-party proprietary component, this cannot be open-sourced. Customers with solutions that use/need Zebra WinM/CE devices can remain on their current version of RhoMobile up to version 5.4.
  • WM/CE framework APIs will be open sourced without the webkit – allowing the community to provide their own webkit replacement or work with a partner such as Tau Technologies, who is working on a webkit option.


For more information on how the transition to open-source will affect your subscription to RhoMobile Suite, please see the attached RhoMobile Suite FAQ. If you are in need of assistance on the open source line, our partners Tau Technologies ( and Kutir ( will be providing support options.


For more info, read the RhoMobile Open-Source FAQ.