Tau Technologies has released a new version of RhoMobile 5.5 that includes many new features, updates and enhancements.


New Features Added

● iOS 10 Support.

● Android M Support.

● Android N Support.

● Crosswalk web engine for Android. Version of Crosswalk is 19.49.514.5.

● Android M: app permissions requested at runtime if app built with SDK 23+.

● WebKit web engine for Windows Mobile/CE.

● Android: added openssl-edge and openss.so-edge into rho-tau-extensions. OpenSSL version for this extensions is 1.1.0-stable. You may need this upgraded version to submit application to the Google Play store.


Enhanced Features

● Android SDK 23 supported.

● Latest changes in Android build tools supported (like Maven local repository dependencies etc).

● Android Camera API improved.


For full details please see:

Release Notes: http://rhomobile.tau-technologies.com/5.5/5.5.0/5.5ReleaseNotes.pdf

Documentation: Rhomobile | Home